10 Best Hiking and Cycling trails in New Brunswick

We’ve got another gorgeous weekend coming up in New Brunswick!  For some of us, this means spending time with the kids at different sporting events or relaxing by the pool. For others, this is a rare opportunity where time is on your side to do something different and exciting.  New Brunswick has some of the most spectacular hiking and biking trails in the country and here is our list of the top 10 hiking and biking trails you can try this weekend.  Here we go:

2016-08-18 Hiking10
10. Point Wolfe Beach Trail, Fundy National Park
The point wolf beach trail is a short but beautiful part of Fundy National Park. The trail features spectacular rock beaches, rushing rivers and is suitable by people of all abilities. This trail is a half mile, 440 foot climbdown, and descent, and is definitely not one to miss!

2016-08-18 Hiking9
9. Little River Reservoir Park trail, Saint John
This is a great bike trail in Saint John. It leads you around the entire reservoir so if you want to go for a relaxing cycle by the water look no further.  There are many side loops that you can take as you ride around the reservoir but the main trail will take you 3.4km. There is no entrance fee to use the trail and is a great way to go outside and get some exercise. 

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8. Moosehorn Trail, Fundy National Park
Are you the type who likes a challenge on the weekend? The Moosehorn trail might be the one for you.  It is located in Fundy national park and is known as a must see trail. This is because the trail is both challenging and spectacular. It is packed full of beautiful rock formations, rushing waters and even some caves as well.  

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7. Sugar Mama Trail in Sugarloaf Bike Park, Atholville
You know you’ve succeeded in doing something different when your day begins in a chairlift in the middle of summer. The Sugar Mama Trail is just one of many trails in the world class Sugarloaf Bike Park.  This is sure to be an adrenaline filled experience. Practice the technical skills of downhill mountain biking and check out this amazing bike park!   

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6. Dobson Trail, Riverview to Fundy
Are you an endurance junky? Do you enjoy all day activities? This one is for you. The Dobson Trail is a monster of a trail that passes all the way from Riverview to Fundy National Park near Alma. The total distance of the trail is 57.7 km. Very few people have completed the trail however the longer you travel on the trail the more untouched it becomes. If you want a real escape from it all, look no further. Be sure to bring lots of bug spray and boots as this trail is often very buggy and muddy but you might also catch some wildlife while you’re at it.
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5. North Riverfront Trail, Fredericton
Fredericton is a great city to hike and bike around. It has over 88km of multiuse trails. The North Riverfront Trail is just one of the many gems in the city. It is a 5.6km trail that goes along the river front and is full of beautiful scenery of the river and the town. It is complete with washrooms and drinking fountains along the way and is dog friendly.  This is one of the more leisurely options on the list and is definitely suitable to those who have other commitments. Get started by visiting the Fredericton Trail Visitor Center at 180 Station Road, Fredericton.  

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4. Third Vaults Falls Trail, Fundy National Park
Third Vaults Falls is a rugged and remote trail that will lead you to Third Vaults Falls – a beautiful 16m waterfall that crashes down into the Upper Salmon River.  The trail is only 3.7 km long but it is very steep. Parks Canada states that an “out and back” trip takes around 7 hours to complete.  If you want to see some seriously magnificent scenery, be sure not to miss this one.  

2016-08-18 Hiking3
3. Callanders Beach Trail, Kouchibouguac National Park
This sunny trail is home to Canada’s two warmest saltwater beaches. Do you like long walks on the beach? You’re not going to find anything better than this. The trail is described as having long sand dune beaches. The park has many types of habitats including lagoons, bogs, salt marshes, rivers and several types of forests.    
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2. Dickson’s Falls, Fundy National Park
“Go to Dickson’s Falls if you have time”. This is not uncommon to hear when talking to people who have tried many of these trails. This trail is short but very scenic. It is complete with waterfalls, spectacular lookouts and is suitable to people of most physical abilities, though quite a few stairwells! The trail itself is a 1km loop and is well equipped with board walks and steps. This is a great add on if you’re planning on making a trip out to fundy this weekend.  

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1. Perimeter Trail, Ministers Island
This is arguably the coolest option on the list. Ministers Island is only accessible by sea during low tide when you can walk, bike or drive 1km over.  The Perimeter Trail goes 7km around the whole island on former carriage paths and roads. The whole trail is very picturesque and full of wildlife and interesting collectables on the beaches. Be sure to bring a lunch as there is no place to eat on the island.  Be sure to make it back to the mainland before the tide comes in. Check the crossing schedule before making the trip over.

I've certainly loved my summer on the east coast, and experiencing the beauty of this place has been incredible, but it's truly the east coast personality that has shone through. At each of these locations you're likely to find friendly people, fellow hikers and cyclists with a smile or a bit of advice on another great trail. Enjoy the last few weeks of this beautiful summer.

The Philosopher