Nurse writes a prescription for her new home

I love getting a chance to go out in the plant and see the houses on the production line, a lot of that joy is seeing what people have chosen to do with their homes. Being a custom home builder allows the customer buying their new home to have their personal stamp on the home and it is fascinating to see what people choose “to stamp”.  Some people choose a plan from our website and make very limited changes, some mix together pieces of plans they have seen and others start with a blank slate and literally draw their own home. 

We welcome visitors to our plant here in Bouctouche and for that reason we have a team of “ambassadors” on hand to tour people through the homes here on display, the production facility and often to go see their own home being built.  For those of us in the ambassador roles that is often the time we get the opportunity to see what a customer has chosen to do with their home.


Recently I had the chance to walk a customer through their new home while it was being build.  In this case Mr. Homeowner came first and returned 2 days later with Mrs. Homeowner.  This was fun; for one thing Mr. Homeowner was a tease and had convinced Mrs. Homeowner that her decisions had been all wrong and the home was awful. When I met them for that second visit Mrs. Homeowner rushed up breathless, obviously stressed and very anxious to see her “terrible” home.  

Now initially I was a bit off balance because I knew Mr. Homeowner had been very happy with the home when I had showed it to him two days earlier but seeing the twinkle in his eyes and suppressed laughter I figured out what was up.   Luckily as soon as she entered the home Mrs. Homeowner started to express her pleasure in all her decision and I had to agree.

Now in this case the home was a mini home, my favourite type and well designed.  Mrs. Homeowner had not designed a home before and is a nurse by profession. She does have a clear understanding of the family lifestyle and what she wanted in the home.


The kitchen was well laid out, with lots of island space for working and visiting while food preparation was going on. The pantry is well placed beside the fridge with a deep cabinet over to give a good solid ending to the kitchen wall leading to the living area along with lots of storage.  The use of task lighting at diagonal cabinet in the corner and on each side illuminate the work surface and add visual depth to a corner that could seem dark due to the cabinetry. 

Our friends at Glenwood cabinets tell us no kitchen should be without a recycling cabinet and in this case the homeowner chose to have a dishwasher to one side of the sink and the recycling center at the other to create a good cleaning up area.  Balanced landing space on each side of the range adds convenience and safety.  There is also adequate landing space by the fridge for food preparation.  A few more desirable options like a space for a wine fridge and microwave, prep for an ice maker as well as a section of pot and pan drawers in the island round out this very well laid out and functional kitchen.

The living area was open to the kitchen and the well supplied with natural light from both sides creating a bright open and inviting space.  The cathedral ceiling in the main living area adds to the feeling of open space and light.  
With the children in this family home being in the young teen category the bedrooms are to one side of the home with enough room for a single bed, small desk and side table.  One room has a spacious walk in closet and the other has a single closet.  In this case a daughter and son but I won’t pre judge who is getting the larger closet…
The laundry being placed at this end of the unit leads me to believe that this well organized lady knows the best way to get family members to take care of their “stuff” is to make it visible and convenient to do so.  Cleaning supplies and linen storage in this area make a convenient grouping.


In this case the homeowner decided to go with one bathroom with a large space left for a planned piece of storage furniture.  Bathrooms are expensive and as convenient as two may seem it is really only in recent years that more than one bath in a home was common.  The decision to go with one leaves a bit more space in the budget and in the rooms.  Again the homeowner knowing her family’s lifestyle and needs armed her with the information she needed to distribute her budget dollars where they mattered the most to them. 

The  master bedroom being on the opposite end of the home from the other rooms allows a level of privacy and the bath located there shows that consideration was given for who is intended to be the long term residents of the home. The extra depth given to the spacious closet in the master bedroom is a smart move, the little bit of depth makes access to the clothes better and avoids that messy bulging doors look that happens when the space is too tight. 
The exterior of the home is attractively balanced and in this case the homeowner went with a sunny yellow siding combined with a darker shake accent between the pilasters at the front door.  

This nurse and new found designer got the prescription just right for a lovely functional home that is sure to set her family off to a healthy start. By understanding her wants, her needs and her own joy in lifestyle she was able to create a space focused on what her family will enjoy and love. It's the same prescription we are happy to help home owners fill as they ask themselves the questions along the way to designing a custom home that truly expresses themselves.