A different way of doing

We set out with the goal of changing the perception of mini-home & modular home living. That's what our Kent Homes Designer Series is really all about, helping people see their living options through a different lens.

It's why we go the extra mile, partnering with one-of-a-kind boutique designers, who love the idea of stretching the limits of our imagination.

When we met with the team at Spitfire Design we were blown away. We encourage you to go and check out their website yourself, spitfiredesign.ca but one quote of theirs just stuck with us from our first glance at their website.

Designer Series Quote

Who wouldn't want this to be the description for the designer you are about to work with ?

They know you have great ideas, they want to listen. It's really as simple as that.

Modular design offers us incredible possibilities. We are able to build such a variety of designs, styles, and shapes of homes by breaking the design down into modules that we than build in our manufacturing facility. But frankly we'd all gotten a little stuck in a rut, showing the same cookie cutter homes, when we knew we could build the Pinterest deluxe DIY cake...of a home.

Which is why we've partnered with the team at Spitfire design to kickoff the Kent Homes Designer series, and seriously - we can't wait to see where it takes us. Exploring new possibilities in modular, trying new roof systems, designs, layouts, listening to our customers, and just having a lot of fun showcasing how the "same" home can be done in so many shapes and styles.

The Hawkswood delights with a sweep of 20 high loft ceilings filling your dining, kitchen and master bedroom with light. 

The Alderley is a mini home that punches things up a bit, smart entry foyer, open concept home ... with its own private sunroom shared with your master suite ? What fun ! 

Last of the Spitfire homes the Briarfield offers a sharp and serious exterior that can fit in almost anywhere, yet unfolds into a plan that offers so much more. 

Next the Bridge, inspired by our Tech Home, offers a butterflied roof that creates a stunning spread of skylights for a light filled living area. The Kitchen is a wonderful space to entertain and bake. Not to mention the delight of the full 15' of walk in closet in the master bedroom.

The Designer series is just getting started, but, like all of our floorplans, it's really just a launch pad for your ideas, because we also know; you have super ones !

Come and have a chat with one of our dream builders to learn more - and share your ideas with us ! 

Designer Series Footer


A stunning sweep of windows, views from every angle, space stretches above and you are at home.


A foyer filled with storage, a private sunroom and a modern open space, not your typical 'mini' home.


The foyer allows you space to enter and leave the days cares behind, before you enter your sharp modern space.

The Bridge

A gorgeous butterflied roof, flooded with light and a kitchen just begging for a kitchen party.