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Cottage - Robin Floor plan mirrofav

A mirror image of he Robin Floor plan - simple revision of a plan can be done with no additional costs to the home owner to customize for their lot or location.

Cottage - Robin - Main Image 2fav

Another view of the adorable Robin Cottage.

Cottage - Robin - Floor Planfav

The lovely single box design Robin offers all you could need to call your own in a compact design.

Mini Home- December Floor Planfav

Decembers mini home delights guest with their own separate entry, bath and utility space.

Bungalow Woodside Floor Plan Chieffav

The Woodside plan offers a lovely social plan with eat in island - dining space and open concept living area.

Woodside Floor Planfav

The Woodside delights with a flashback Victorian foyer with double french doors.

Birchmount - Floor Plan Chief 2fav

The second storey of Birchmount packs large bedrooms and good bathroom space for a family home.

Birchmount Floor Plan Chief1fav

The two storey Birchmount charms with a great formal dining space.