Home, Wherever you Park it.

The Kent Homes Micro Home, is our answer to a customer who was making it clear that the typical bungalow was not what they wanted. This customer was surprisingly found in all ages, and life stages. They repeatedly arrived through email, on social media, and at our dream builder centers and our factory tours looking for a different product. They wanted smaller square footage, they wanted better design, they had different priorities.

Well if a customer is asking for it, then it's a good idea, and it only takes a bit of time before our product innovation team here latched onto the idea with excitement. We attended workshops, we visited other builders, we researched countless hours online and formed a team to design the three tiny homes that launched the Kent - Micro Homes division.

Our first Micro Home, was unveiled to the public at our annual Dream Builder Seminar on October 27th, where our builders from throughout the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario, the United States gather to train, develop, work with suppliers and plan homes !

With the unveiling of this MicroHome we held a competition to name our Home - the winner by a long shot was "The Haven". The Haven is now available for viewing at our Kent Homes or Dream Builder locations.

Why are people crazy about MicroHomes ? Who lives in a MicroHome ? And how do I go about getting my own are all questions we'll try to answer.

WhyGoMicro Body

A look at The Haven

Our first MicroHome

Tour the Haven MicroHome. From concept through to creation see how the team here dreamed, designed and built the first of the Kent Homes MicroHome models.


The Haven

Fall asleep gazing at the stars in the loft of your Haven. Everything you need, in less than 200 square feet. 

The Neptune

You will be amazed at how much convenience we have fit into the Neptune MicroHome.